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   Since water covers most of the earth.. We must take care of it. Today a lot of factories pour   waste into the rivers. So water becomes dirtier and dirtier. Every year the world’s population gets larger and larger. That means we must save water. If we don’t do that .The result will be very bad .Maybe there is no enough water for people to drink .In the future ,no matter who and what you are .You must stop polluting water .It’s said that in Africa ,there is no rain for even one year .The desert gets larger and larger .The weather becomes hotter and hotter .The country becomes poorer and poorer .In some places water is more expensive than petroleum .Maybe you can’t believe that .But this is often true in Africa and in some developed countries like America and Japan. Water is life. People can’t live without water. It’s more important than food .We must do our best to protect the environment  For example we can plant more trees to stop the water from running away .We can tell our friends not to waste water and so on .There are a lot of ways to protect water .I think if we save lakes ,rivers ,seas and oceans , the earth will become more beautiful.

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