Doing the housework is our duty

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To be honest I think to do the housework is our duty. Although some parents think to do the housework will waste much time. They stop us from doing the housework. I think this is not good for us to grow up.

So I think it’s our duty to help my parents do some housework except to study hard. I think it is good for us. For example, although I am usually busy with my homework. I also find time to help my parents with the housework. Like washing clothes and dishes, cleaning the room and so on. Sometimes I have no time to do the housework. I have a lot of homework to do so that my parents stop me from helping them with the housework. But I really want to do that.

From my experience, I will tell you to do some housework can make you confident  and happy. I think it is our duty to do some housework. To do housework can train us to do something by ourselves. This is very important and necessary in the future.

To do the housework not only can improve our ability to live independently but also grow a sense of responsibility. We can get lots of experience from it so that we can do well in the future. To do the housework is not a waste of time. It will give you a lot of advantages.

It is our duty to do the housework. If you have time, please do the housework. It can make you confident and happy.

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